JPL has always been a low-cost provider of warehousing and distribution services. We have strategic location points across North America, in Europe and China. But we are not limited by our locations.

A SUPPLY CHAIN MODEL CUSTOMIZED FOR YOU is just that. Our warehousing operations are Modular. That means we locate where you need to be. We set up and manage complete warehousing operations anywhere in the world based on your supply chain requirement. Our modular warehousing solutions allow you to grow without constraints.

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows us to see and manage the process and ensure top performance at every level.

Our emphasis on efficient operations ensures that you benefit from low-cost, value-added services:

  • Container destuffing and consolidation
  • Cross docking
  • Live receiving, put away and shipping with our WMS
  • RF Scanning and Barcoding
  • High Security
  • Cross-docking duplicated from above
  • Food Grade
  • Customized shipping labels and documents

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